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Mudguard Mudguard Mudguard



Type: Mud Guard

Brand: Reckless Race Concepts

Availability: In Stock

We have redesigned our Mudguards to be the best going around. They are stronger and have a new shape to them different to any other out on the market protecting your forks a lot more.

Things we have changed:

  • -Thickness from 0.75mm to 1mm making them a lot stronger
  • - New shape. Bigger down the sides near the forks and a squarer back shorter on the front.
  • - we have also changed the logo to a smaller one, as people have said they don’t like large logos on them.
  • -we have made them universal so they can go on the front or rear of the bike

Guards come 4 with Zip Ties.

You may say it’s just a mudguard but We take our products very seriously at Reckless and believe that product innovation plays a huge part in staying on top were other companies will just sell you the same old stuff.We believe you won’t be disappointed in our Mudguards

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