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Race Team and Sponsored Riders

Race Team Announced

Reckless R.C. will be running a Downhill Race Team in this years VDHS. We are also sponsoring the series so expect to see us around at meetings. Make sure you come say hi.

The race team will consist of 3 sponsored riders this year all in different classes. The riders are Liam Thomas (Elite), Dylan Lombard (Under 19) and Quinton Hill (Expert). We are also sponsoring another rider Finn Morcombe who will be competing in the Vic Gravity Enduro series (under 17) but will also be competing some VDHS rounds as well keeping himself very busy. We are very keen to get this series under way. This being our first year as a team in the sport we are all stoked to go out and have some fun.

Liam Thomas is racing in elite. A confident rider and can mix it with the fast guys out there. We are very happy to have secured him for this year. Liam is also planning on competing in a couple of national rounds this year.

Dylan Lombard is racing in under 19. Dylan will be racing the VDHS and the National series this year. Breaking both wrists in the second last round of the VDHS last year Dylan still managed 6th overall and 14th in the Nationals. Dylan then came back and snagged a 3rd overall in the King of Ballarat series. Dylan is hoping to have a great season this year and we cant wait to help him along the way.

Quentin Hill is racing expert. Quinton has decided to try his hands at Downhill after a great career in motocross looking to ad some more trophies to his already staked cabinet. Looking forward to seeing Quentin at his first DH event.

Finn is racing under 17. Finn had some great results last year with a 4th overall in the Enduro series and will also be competing in some VDHS rounds as well. Looking forward to seeing Finn in a DH race.

All of our riders are unique in their own way and are impressive to watch. We wish eveyrone competing in the VDHS and Enduro rounds good luck for this year and can’t wait to see everyone at round 1.

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